Caring For Your Products


Most of our jewellery is handmade from laser cut wood, which has been primed, painted and sealed on the front using a clear, high-gloss resin. All our jewellery is delicate but if looked after correctly will last you a lifetime. 
Due to the nature of the base material all jewellery should be removed before showering and kept away from moisture, including cleaning products, beauty products and perfumes.
Keep jewellery away from direct sunlight as this may cause discolouration. A yellow/orange discolouration of the surface may occur in time. Keep away from excessive heat and changes in temperature as it may cause the wood to warp and distort as well as cause the metal findings to become hot and react with the glue. 
Handle all jewellery with care. Although the surface of the jewellery can be wiped clean, drops and scrapes can damage the resin leaving visible scratches. It is advised that your jewellery should be stored flat, with nothing stored on the surface. 
Earrings that have a butterfly back may become loose after repeated use. If this happens gentle squeeze the back between your thumb and forefinger to close the opening slightly. Should it be too tight, you can gently it open. It is recommended you do this by sliding a thin piece of card into the gap. If this is to thin, fold the card and repeat. Repeat until the post of the earring can easily be attached. 
Never force the butterfly back onto the post if it is too tight. This is a delicate item and it may cause damage to the earring.
Excessive force will cause damage to your jewellery. These are delicate items and we can not be held responsible for this. 
The metal findings, such as jump rings or hooped earrings, are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel or are silver plated. Earrings with a stud-style post and butterfly back are surgical steel unless stated otherwise.

Textile Gifts | Clothing 

Accessories such as zip purses and pouches as well as clothing will need cleaning during its lifetime. Please not that like any textiles colour transfer may occur and dark colours should be kept away from lighter colours. 
Turn clothing inside out before washing at 30° with similar colours.
Please remove metal fastenings (such as keyrings on purses) before washing. Wash these gently by hand. Do not iron over ribbons or zips as it will cause them to get hot and may result in melting. 
Do not iron directly over motifs. On the rare occasion you find the motif is peeling away from the surface, use an iron, on a mid heat setting, on the reverse of the item for 10-15 seconds. Any longer than this may cause damage to your item. 
Don not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry. 

Please bare in mind faux leather purses are not washable and are wipe clean only.

Cards |  Prints |  Wall Art 

Cards are sent 'naked' in an unwrapped, ready-to-use sate. All cards come with a co-ordinating envelope. They should not be exposed to water. Colour transfer may occur. Should you wish to frame a card please keep out of direct sunlight. 

Paper prints are packaged in a sealed, clear, compostable, display bag with a thick, recycled card backing. The card and display bag works to strengthen and protect the print from being damaged through handling. It is not a waterproof bag and the print should not be exposed to water. Paper prints are designed to be framed. Keep out of direct sunlight. Colour transfer may occur. 

Wooden, painted wall art is designed for indoor use only. Avoid knocks and scraps as this will cause damage to the paintwork and/or colour transfer. 
Do not expose to water or excessive changes in temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Fabric banner flags are designed for indoor use only. Please handle with care as bending or dropping the flag may cause damage to the wooden support pole. Do not expose to water or excessive changes in temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight.